Tae Kwon-do Successful – Once Again!

World Master James Freer – 7th Dan – had great success at the Black Belt grading recently from his students who took their grades from his clubs in Leicester, Loughborough and Syston.
In total he had nine students take their 1st Dan Black Belts, eight students take their 2nd Dans, one student take her 3rd Dan and two students take their 5th Dan grade. The picture, courtesy of the club shows from left to right – back row – Hieu Tran, Hareese Panesar, Peter Allen, Parita Bharadia, Cedric Lekomo, Athan Butcher. Front row – Bethany Allen, Reece Tasleem and Kyle Freer – with World Master James Freer 7th Dan.
These students all travelled to Bristol where the Black Belt gradings take place at the main Tae Kwon-do academy where over three days of examinations are in progress.
All of Master Freer’s students passed successfully!
Amongst those students who passed was Master Freer’s son – Kyle Freer (10 years old) who passed his 1st Dan Black Belt after six years of training.
This now makes Master Freer’s family all Black Belts with his wife – Sheryl Freer as a 5th Dan and his daughter – Jasmine Freer (17) as a 2nd Dan!
The other students who passed their Dan grades were –
Passed 1st Dan –
Reece Tasleem (10)
Athan Butcher (12)
Hareese Panesar (14)
Hieu Tran (15)
Parita Bharadia (24)
Cedric Lekomo Tedonjio (25)
and father and daughter – Peter Allen and Bethany Allen (11)
Passed 2nd Dan –
Rufus Bezzano Griffiths (14)
Harry Wright (13)
Bradley Eston (17)
Baljeevan Athwal Singh (16)
Ekam Riyat (15)
Viren Vadhvana (15)
All the above Started When They Were Only 7 Yrs Old!
also –
Calhoun Moore (21)
Rachel Matthews (42)
Passed 3rd Dan –
Caitlin Berry-Allwood (23)
Passed 5th Dan –
Richard Moore (53)
Sheila Edmead (56)
Master Freer says that the reason we have so much success is because all of his students have the opportunity to train at all 3 of his clubs – not just one – so it’s one big family.
These students have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve their results and they will now have to set new goals and aims for the future.