New Barkby WI

In November members celebrated the institute’s 93rd Birthday with a meal at the Beedles Lake Golf Club. Then, in December, instead of the usual meeting held at Syston Community Centre, some members visited Loughborough Town Hall to see the pantomime ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
Committee members elected to serve for 2019 are: President – Mrs K. Fryman, Vice Presidents – Mrs S. Franklin and Mrs A. Montague, Secretary – Mrs D. Haynes, other Committee members – Msdm S. J. Brutnall, V. Cobb and J. Oliver.
The speaker for January was Vicky Haig who spoke on ‘Green Beauty’ and Tropical products and different hand creams were sampled by members. Susie from TVs ‘The Apprentice’ set up her business with green beauty products in Cairns, Australia by experimenting with ingredients in her kitchen. Now these products are sold worldwide. Members were invited to look at the display and make purchases after the talk. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs V. Cobb who was presented with the Competition Cup for the most points in 2018. The competition for January was ‘N’ and the winner was Mrs J. Oliver. The raffle prize winners were Mrs L. Chapman and Mrs P. Smith. A box of bubble bath products was donated by the speaker and the winner was Mrs A Montague. The Tea Hostesses were Mrs S. Franklin and Mrs A. Montague.
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 6th February at 7.30pm, Bookfolding and Memory Books, at the Syston Community Centre. Visitors are welcome. The competition letter will be ‘B’.