QT Theatre Group

Our members are still smiling following the review that we received from Robert Scott, the writer of Plan B!
We performed two one-act plays (Albert by Janice Sampson and Plan B!) during the last week in November and we were very excited when the playwright ordered tickets for our Friday night performance. Robert and I had a good chat about our interpretation of his play and he was happy to meet with the cast and chat about their performances afterwards. It’s a real honour when a writer takes the time to travel to see us perform but it’s also a bit scary!
Robert’s review on our website said ‘Last week I had the enormous pleasure of watching Syston QT Theatre Group perform my play Plan B! Ron Berry played the long suffering Richie, pictured above. He brought a frustration and dryness which suited his character perfectly. Erika Notman, also shown in the picture above with Ron, as the rather hostile Susan was excellent. Her timing was especially of note, giving long (yet not too long) pauses to add to the humour. Gillian Bowler was flawless as Belinda. There is a hidden complexity to the role. Belinda appears dim-witted and foolish; however as the play progresses, clues are given that Belinda may be wiser than she looks. Gillian captured this beautifully, see picture below. The mood of the play was judged very well.

From the fast paced dialogue to the agonising pauses, Plan B is a rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows in just twenty minutes – this is something that a director can easily misjudge. However Judith Latham understood this text well and was able to bring out the best of the play. This was a great performance, and one of the best Plan B! performances I have seen worldwide. Well done to all involved.”
We are now looking forward to taking Robert’s play to the Leicestershire & Rutland One-Act Play Festival at the Little Theatre in March. It’s a while since we entered a competition so wish us luck!!!
For these plays, we welcomed two new backstage people to the group – Sue Smith, who took on her first role for us as Stage Manager and Liz Lynn, who took to props like a duck to water! We look forward to working with both of them again. By the time this copy of Stn goes to print, we shall have chosen and cast our next play. Mark Smith will be directing for us this time and the play will be performed in May, date to be confirmed.
Anyone interested in joining the
group, in any capacity, should contact me on 07702 879 006 or check out the website on www.qttheatregp.co.uk, email [email protected]. or look on our Facebook page Syston QT Theatre Group.
Judith Latham – Chairperson