Introducing Advanced Facial Reflexology Treatments in Syston

With Mother’s Day fast approaching at the end of March, this year how about a truly original surprise for your mum? At Healing Touch, we are introducing a specialist Advanced Facial Reflexology treatment, using the award-winning beauty product: Zone Face Lift.

This crystal infused facial Elixir not only harnesses the medicinal properties of Native American sacred plants, but also renews the skin and lifts the spirit. These therapeutic botanicals are said to ‘smudge’ the aura every time they are used, adding another layer of healing benefit to your treatment.
An amethyst crystal is placed in every bottle, infusing the carefully selected organic essential oils with a vibration which complements the exquisitely scented blend. The amethyst is a gemstone used by healers for its power to focus energy. It is said to be a natural tranquilliser that relieves stress and soothes irritability, balancing mood swings and dispelling anger, fear and anxiety. It is also used to alleviate sadness, grief and reduce negativity. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst to guard against guilty or fearful feelings. You can see why this special quartz crystal has been chosen as an ingredient of this oil.
The unique benefit of Facial Reflexology is that it does not only aim to improve our clients’ health and wellbeing, but it could also help you to look better and have a healthier glow. Reflexology is based on a system of body maps, where all the organs and different parts of the body are ‘reflected’ or mirrored in either; the feet, hands, ears or for the purposes of this particular treatment, the face. By gently pressing and releasing key points in the face, the body is encouraged to rebalance and heal itself. The face’s close proximity to the brain means that the effect of the treatment is more immediate as the reflex points connect directly to the body’s neuro-pathways. The treatment is extremely relaxing and, over a series of sessions, many clients have remarked that they feel both more refreshed and also rejuvenated both inside and out!
So… this Mothering Sunday, treat mum to the Pamper Package which includes a 60-minute reflexology treatment of your choice or indulge her with a 90-minute Deluxe Package with TWO reflexology treatments of your choice. Contact me SOON to make your booking!

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