Edward Argar MP, Member of Parliament for Charnwood

Although much national news and parliamentary time is currently dominated by Brexit, there are still important local issues that I have been working on, and that I wanted to update readers of the STN on.
STN readers will recall that in recent months, as reported in the STN, there has been considerable concern locally in the town about parking enforcement and parking charge notices being issued at the Euro Car Parks site behind Town Square, particularly when ticket machines appear to have been faulty or out of order (as occurred last November for example). While, as the recent STN report highlighted, there are routes to challenge parking charge notices issued, the car park is on privately owned land, which does give the owners a degree of scope to issue parking charge notices. That said, as a local Syston resident, I know how concerned people are about this, and took the matter up with Euro Car Parks in January to see if a positive way forward can be found. While I have yet to receive a response from them, I will continue to press them.
On another important local issue, the future of bank branches in our area following the closure of Syston’s Barclays, HSBC and Natwest branches in recent months and years, I recently called representatives of Santander to a meeting with me in Parliament following their announcement of their plans to close the Birstall branch. While the main focus of that meeting was to express my concerns, and those of local Birstall people, at Santander’s decision and its impact, I also took the opportunity to press them for commitments on the long-term future of our own local branch in Syston.   
I was encouraged that they reassured me they had no plans to alter the branch provision in Syston, and indeed were planning to invest in it with a refurbishment. In writing to me following the meeting they said:  “Following the closures announced in January we do not anticipate making any major changes to the size of our branch network for the foreseeable future. In January we announced we would be investing £55m in our branch network over the next two years and I’m pleased to tell you that the Syston branch is due to be refurbished later this year, which I hope is a demonstration of our commitment to the town.” I was pleased to receive this reassurance but will, of course, always take the opportunity to remind them of the importance of the branch.
As ever, if you feel I can be of any assistance to you as Syston’s MP, please either write to me at: Edward Argar MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA, or email me at [email protected]