Roundhill Flower and Garden Club

With Roundhill Flower & Garden Club having been formed in May 1969, and as we rapidly approach our Golden Anniversary celebrations in May this year, the February meeting took the form of the 49th AGM followed by a talk from a professional speaker.
As always, the AGM is closed to all but subscribed members of the club as it relates to official business, however, visitors are welcome to attend the talk which usually follows. This would be for the normal visitor fee of £5.
After a finger buffet generously provided by members, we settled down to an illustrated talk given by Tracey Beatty of Loughborough, who is a qualified herbalist. Her title was ‘Save Our Weeds’.
She gave us a fascinating insight into how some of the seemingly most basic of weeds growing in domestic gardens, or roadside verges etc, can be processed to make a wide variety of treatments used in herbal medicine. These include creams, ointments and tea-like ‘infusions’.
Advice was given on which part of specific plants are turned into particular herbal treatments, with flowers, seeds, leaves and roots all being of value in different ways.
The careful collection of plant materials was discussed, along with the need to be economical when picking so as not to decimate an area of its plant growth thus potentially ruining the habitat of insects and damaging the wider environment.
It is fair to say none of us listening to Tracey will ever look at a daisy, dandelion, or stinging nettle in the same way again – though whether or not they become welcome in a prized lawn is another question!