High Street Post Box

A beautiful knitted adornment appeared as if by magic on the Post Box outside the Post Office in High Street on Wednesday 10th April.
It quickly became the talking point around Syston and beyond as everyone wondered why someone had done this and also that it was making people smile and brightened up the place.
The Stn received phone calls to alert us to it and I went down to take pictures and put it up on our Facebook page. At the time of going to print it has reached and been viewed by over 13,000 people with some lovely comments.
Here are just a few chosen at random:
“It’s beautiful. Made me smile when I saw. Thank you to who did this, brilliant!”
“This is absolutely fabulous and a big well done to the maker. Thank you from all of Syston x”
“I wonder if it was the same ladies who dropped knitted angels around Syston at Christmas. We were fortunate to find a lovely angel which we will keep forever. What a beautiful thing to do.”
“To whoever knitted this it’s absolutely amazing – a fantastic way to cheer everyone up in our sad world today thank you xxx”
“Just shows there is some really nice people out there. I wonder if they’ll be anything similar at Christmas time. well done hope it doesn’t gets spoiled by anyone”
Some asked if it could have been used to raise funds for local charities and the Stn asked for the person to contact us so we could put it in the newspaper. They have done so, but wish to remain anonymous. They do help raise a lot of money for charity, but just wanted to cheer people up and they certainly have done that!
As has been said many times on our Facebook page – Thank you! You are a very special person and we thank you on behalf of everyone who has gained pleasure from your kindness in creating such a lovely and intricately made piece of artwork.