Roundhill Flower and Garden Club

At our March meeting, we welcomed back an old friend as a demonstrator, namely Sandra Meakin who is from Melton Mowbray. Sadly, this seems to be the last time she will demonstrate for us owing to her decision to retire.
Nonetheless, Sandra still gave us a very entertaining evening with her title of De Ja Vu. This was a reflection on floral designs and containers used in earlier competition work or demonstrations but with an updated twist.
There were designs in a wicker basket; on a tall rectangular frame; in wire bowls transformed to replicate a fire pit; on a large glass dish; in an elaborate cream candelabra; and most unusually set onto a section of iron railings!
Individual colour schemes included a mix of pinks and mauves; deep orange; white; plum; and golden yellow.
The arrangements set onto the decorative iron railings was to portray the Suffragette movement, and the horrors some of those women endured in order to obtain the right to vote. With the colours of their sashes being purple and green, these were inevitably used in this design.
Flowers included carnations, tulips, alstroemeria, and chrysanthemum. To complete the dedication of the interpretive design, a length of chain was wrapped around the bottom of the black railings.
The design in the cream candelabra, encircled by six lit candles, was in golden yellow. It was an ideal forerunner to our club’s golden anniversary celebrations at the end of May.
Sandra has a very good sense of humour, and is not afraid to turn it towards herself. As she worked we heard some hilarious stories of incidents in her life, especially those relating to flower arranging. Roundhill will miss her when the planned retirement comes into effect.