Take Responsibility for a Cleaner Syston
Dear Editor,
I am a local dog walker living in Syston and over recent years have noticed how much plastic/recyclable /rubbish items are being discarded on our streets and roadsides in Syston. Each day I try and pick up as much as I can whilst out walking and drop it into the appropriate bins
Can I ask the residents of Syston to take on the challenge of helping to reduce the damage we are doing to the wildlife and the planet and take responsibility for disposing of your own rubbish correctly rather than discarding it in the street or roadside.
I would like to encourage people to start taking responsibility for their own streets, take a look outside of their own front door, and pick up any recyclable or rubbish items they see and dispose of them correctly. Perhaps schools can involve students as part of their journey to and from school?
Every little helps and will stop plastic getting in to the water courses and going out to sea. As we have seen on David Attenborough’s nature programmes, the damage we as human beings are causing is a disgrace.
Come on Syston we can do this!
Local dog walker.  
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