Young entrepreneur Charlie Collins (24) has recently taken over the Fish and Chip shop based at Syston Service Station on Wanlip Road.
Charlie started off his career working as a server/fryer at Frydales, at the age of 16 years. He then went onto complete a Business Degree whilst working at the Chip Shop rather than go to University, via the Peter Jones Foundation, readers will know Peter Jones from Dragons Den. On completing this apprenticeship, at the age of just 19, the opportunity to take over Frydales in Leicester came along, in which Charlie managed to double the shops’ turnover and has been awarded success!
Frydales came in the top 20 Fish and Chip shops in the UK and in the top 50 of the UK Winner in the Fry Magazine Awards. Charlie personally came in the top five of the Young Fish Fryer of the year awards 2018-2019.
Charlie then had the opportunity to expand and taken over what was Mackay’s.
They are planning to extend the current menu to include Gluten Free options and also Kebabs and Burgers.
What an inspiration to young people he is. It isn’t easy getting finance for running your own business and it can take a long time to build up and start earning money from it.
Charlie, told the Stn that he didn’t think he was doing anything exceptional, he was just making a living and trying to give every customer a good taste of fresh food, cooked well.
It is so nice to see a young man taking on the challenge of running a business in the current market and we wish him every success now and going forward.