Changes to Bulky Waste Service Confirmed

Changes to Charnwood Borough Council’s bulky waste collection service have been approved.
The Council is one of only a handful of authorities in England to currently offer a free collection for some bulky items from people’s doorsteps.
Currently, Charnwood residents can request from the Council three free bulky waste collections each year and only face a charge after exceeding that amount.
However, the Council’s Cabinet has agreed to introduce a £20 charge for each collection for up to three items. Officers will also consider an exemption scheme for people experiencing exceptional hardship.
The Council will review the changes after six months and ensure promotion of alternative methods of collection to residents.
Cllr Leigh Harper-Davies, lead member for major contracts at the Council, said: “We must ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible and that means looking at alternative ways of funding services.
“The changes will help ensure we can maintain a high-quality, frontline service.”
Cabinet approved the changes at a meeting on Thursday 4th July.
The current bulky waste service costs around £105,000 to operate and introducing the charge is expected to generate around £60,000 a year.
The new charges are due to be introduced in October.
More information is contained in the Cabinet report.