New Barkby WI

President Mrs K. Fryman, welcomed New Barkby members to the institutes September meeting. Following business matters, the speaker for the evening was Roxanne Dinsdale who demonstrated and talked on the ‘myths of belly dancing’. There are seven different myths, including Street Style and Egyptian.
Prior to the 1950’s there were dozens of moves, now there are thousands. Turkish versions – one faster dance, but a slower one uses hand movements. There are important leg movements which control the belly dance. Roxanne wore a bright red dress with lots of sequins which sparkled as she danced and twirled around. The only thing that members were invited to do was to move their hands to make swivel movements, so no actual belly dancing was required! Members saw various costumes that she had brought along and marvelled at the different ways of using a large veil as she danced. There are many variations of this form of belly dancing which has ballet and jazz moves involved. A waist belt that she has was passed around the audience-very heavy, decorated with large sequins and tassels. Roxanne ended the talk with a question and answer session.
The vote of thanks was given by Mrs A. Montague, she also won the competition with the letter ‘F’ a FEZ. Raffle prizes were won by Mrs Goulden (toiletries) and Mrs Bloxham (a hedgehog made from a paperback book, folded appropriately).
The Tea Hostesses were Mrs Brutnall and Mrs Cobb.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd October, Syston Community Centre 7.30pm. ‘My Parade of Hits’ – Dougie Wright. Competition ‘O’. Visitors always welcome.