Consultation launched on draft local plan

A consultation has been launched about Charnwood Borough Council’s draft local plan which will guide growth and development until 2036.

The draft plan sets out how the Council will balance future growth in the area while making sure the environment is looked after and communities have the infrastructure they need.

The consultation gets under way today (4th November) and runs until 16th December 2019. Residents, parish and town councils, businesses, other agencies and communities in general, including schools and GP surgeries are being urged to have a say.

The Council has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the consultation which will include displays in three areas, Loughborough, Shepshed and Syston. The consultation will also be highlighted on the Council’s website, social media accounts, through the media and many organisations are being contacted directly.

Cllr Jane Hunt, lead member for planning, said: “The draft Charnwood Local Plan 2019-36 will be critical to how the borough develops and it is important people can help shape this vision. I would encourage people to get involved and have a say. We will be out in the communities and there is a wealth of information on the Council website. I would encourage people to have a look. We know some of the proposals may not be popular but development will take place and that’s why we need to plan for it. Doing otherwise leaves us exposed to unwanted, unplanned and more detrimental development. Future generations will want homes and jobs and a healthy environment and therefore it is up to us to put steps in place now to make sure that happens. This is a chance to shape the future of Charnwood.”

To find out more and have a say, people can visit

A display about the draft Charnwood Local Plan 2019-36 will be at the locations below. Officers will be available at the times indicated:

  • November 4th to Dec 16th: Charnwood Borough Council offices, Southfield Road, Loughborough, LE11 2TX
  • November 4th to 13th: Shepshed Glenmore Centre, Thorpe Road, Shepshed, LE12 9LU
  • November 14th to Dec 4th:  Syston Town Council offices, Community Centre, School Street, Syston, LE7 1HN. Officers will be present on Tuesday 19th November, between 2pm to 7pm
  • Thursday 14th November: Shepshed Community Centre, Charnwood Road, 2.30pm-6pm. Officers will be present.
  • Thursday 28th November: Loughborough Town Hall, 2pm-7pm. Officers will be present.
  • December 5th to 16th: Shepshed Glenmore Centre, Thorpe Road, Shepshed, LE12 9LU

The draft Charnwood Local Plan 2019-36 includes:

  • land for around 7,250* additional new homes up until 2036, including:
    • around 1,600 homes around the Leicester urban edge including Syston, Thurmaston, Birstall, Hamilton edge/south of A46 near Anstey
    • around 1,900 homes in Loughborough
    • around 2,000 in Shepshed
    • around 900 homes at service centres – Anstey, Barrow upon Soar, Mountsorrel, Quorn, Rothley, Sileby and Syston
    • 800 homes at other locations in the borough
    • these homes would secure around £43 million for local infrastructure improvements including roads, schools, health provision, transport and more. When added to the homes already planned for in the current local plan, the total is more than £100 million between 2019-36.
    • providing 192 acres of general employment land along with a further 190 acres at the Loughborough Science and Enterprise Park to support Loughborough’s continued role in the knowledge-based sector and provide for around 8,900 new jobs to 2036
    • commitments for securing affordable housing for all new developments of 10 homes or more
    • a new policy on Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) proposing tighter restrictions on new HMOs and applications to create larger HMOs
    • one additional retail site in Loughborough town centre
    • support for Loughborough town centre by encouraging a more diverse mix of uses including retail, residential, leisure, office and professional services
    • greater consideration in the planning process of the number of takeaways in an area when considering proposals for new ones to consider local amenity and support healthy communities
    • retention of natural open spaces between settlements and green wedges around the urban edge of Leicester
    • opportunity areas for wind and solar energy installations which could power thousands of homes are identified to help carbon reduction
    • encouraging sustainable construction methods

More information is available on the Council website