Declan’s Diary

Holding your first born, and experiencing the true meaning of unconditional love, a feeling so strong it brings tears of happiness to your eyes, regardless of the circumstances that brought him into my life, in many ways seems like yesterday, however it is in fact twenty one years, twenty one years ago since I first met Declan.   
As I looked through several photo albums to find the most embarrassing pictures of him that I could display at his birthday I was brought back to amazing memories, his first steps, first birthday, first day at primary school, family Christmas’s, holidays and birthdays. A normal family, celebrating and cherishing normal things with an extraordinary person. 
The third of October 2019 is another day, no different to the day before or the day after, however for me and my family it marked a day that was once only a dream, a hope, but as I opened Declan’s birthday cards for him and watched him read words of kindness and birthday wishes from family and friends, I got a warm feeling of being in the moment. At that moment, nothing else mattered, the diagnosis meant nothing as right here, right now, I am sharing this moment with Declan. 
We celebrated with close friends and family at the Queen Victoria, where Zoe the landlady spoilt us with amazing food.
People danced to the music provided by @lewisdanieldj,  part of DJ duo Tall Order, who brought an Ibiza vibe to the party, whilst capturing smiles and silly costumes by ‘limelight ‘ magic mirror and singing happy birthday whilst candles lit a beautiful cake made by Baytree cakes.
Several people helped me make this a perfect night for Declan, who embraced the 90’s theme by dressing up as the infamous Ali G.