New Barkby WI

Mrs A Montague, Vice President of New Barkby WI welcomed members and visitors to the institutes October Meeting.
‘Jerusalem’ was sung and then business matters were dealt with.
Speaker for the evening was Mr Dougie Wright accompanied by his wife, Judy. The talk was entitled ‘My Parade of Hits’ featuring pop songs from the 1960’s and 70’s.
Members were encouraged to sing along to a few of the tunes and wondered down memory lane as they reminisced about songs that had been remembered. Mr Wright had been a sessional drummer with the John Barry Seven, who also developed the opening bass of several songs.
As well as foot-tapping rhythms, members tapped their knees as Mr Wright gave a demonstration of paradiddles using a snare drum; not as easy for the members as it seemed, even reading from an instruction card.
The talk seemed to end far too quickly but members gained a fresh insight into the pop songs that still survive to the present time.
The vote of thanks given by Mrs V. Cobb. The Competition for the letter ‘O’ was won by Mrs A. Talbot with A CD of ‘Old Crooners’.
The raffle prize of notelets and pen was won by Mrs L. Chapman.
Refreshments were provided – Mrs J. Bruntnall and Mrs J. Goulden
Next month will be the New Barkby’s Annual Meeting. Visitors always welcome to attend. Syston Community Centre 7.30pm Wednesday 6th November 2019.