Local Syston Man Cycles 2000 miles in less than a year!

WW (the new Weight Watchers) member Andy Tebbutt, who is 50 and has lost two stone, is back on his bike and has smashed his goal of cycling 2000 miles since joining his local WW Syston Workshop in February this year. Andy who has worked for Westrock (a printing and packaging company) for 24 years says “I’ve always been a keen cyclist but last season I just lost my mojo with cycling (my wife was poorly which may have contributed to it), which then led to me getting into unhealthy eating habits and consequently putting on three ston
 Andy’s wife Teresa joined her local WW Workshop in Syston and was doing so well that it encouraged him to join in February. Even after losing his first half a stone (7lbs) Andy says that he felt amazing. It inspired him to start cycling again and he is  now more confident, happier and living a full and active life thanks to following the WW Freestyle programme.
 Inspiring healthy habits for real life, WW offers the most flexible and liveable programme ever. It encourages you to enjoy food with freedom, find what moves you physically, and gives you the skills to shift your mindset so you can focus on what really matters on your weight loss journey – taking care of yourself and living your life the way you want to.
 Andy decided to set himself the challenge of cycling 2000miles by Christmas as he wanted to lose two stone and he knew that cycling coupled with following the WW Freestyle programme he could achieve this! He was so motivated that he actually achieved this quicker than he thought and has now set himself a new challenge of cycling 3000 by December! Andy raves “I’m now hitting new average speeds that I couldn’t have achieved before. I take my bike everywhere – it even came on holiday to Weymouth with us. There is a hill near us called Sludge Hill and it has a 25% incline, usually I would have to walk up this, now I can ride the whole way up! I know that eating healthy and cycling more has helped this, but I would also put it down to having more confidence too – WW really has helped with this aspect of my life! My local cycling club “Syston Syders” have been so supportive, they are encouraging me to cycle 4000 miles in 2020”!
Now, thanks to the weight loss and the healthy habits he has made such as drinking more fluids and tracking his food and drink on the WW App, Andy’s sugars have reduced, his breathing is better and his blood pressure has come down. Andy says “I can now keep my heart rate down on the bike. It used to be 175-200, now it’s 150-160”.
 Andy is so thankful to his WW Coach Katie Jones “A big thank you to Katie she is so supportive”
 Katie Jones runs two Workshops a week in Syston: Wednesday 5.30pm & 6.45pm: Syston Community Centre, School Street, Syston, LE7 1HN inspiring healthy habits for real life.