Roundhill Flower Club and Garden Club

Our first demonstration for 2020 was by Linda Smith, a NAFAS Area Demonstrator from Nottinghamshire. Her title was ‘Poles Apart’, this being her newly created demonstration theme, inspired by a personal love of travel and in particular a visit to the Antarctic. By the skilful use of flowers and foliages we were taken on an interpretive journey from the Arctic North Pole, onwards to northern Europe, crossing the Equator, into desert regions, onto a tropical island, and down to the South Pole at the Antarctic. A wide range of colours were used, all of which were appropriate to the depicted theme of each floral design. White and silvery grey naturally interpreted the icy polar regions, with reds, oranges, and yellow for the hot climates, then blue, purple and green for the sea. Flowers were both traditional such as carnations, chrysanthemum, eryngium, lisianthus, and roses, or exotic such as anthurium, strelitzia, and although strictly a foliage rather than a flower, the leucodendron. In this instance, the versatile gerbera added to the tropical. That being said, how better to portray the vast snow-covered polar regions than with the large open surface of pure white anthuriums! Foliages again were a similar mix of tropical and traditional according to the individual design, with garden plant materials being used wherever possible. Dried foliages and seed heads were ideal for use in depicting hotter locations. All the time Linda was creating her floral arrangements on stage, she was speaking to the audience informing us of her travel experiences, how they had influenced selected designs either by local customs or by nature, plus providing advice relating to the plant materials she was working with