Refelxology; a calorie free alternative this Easter

Stressed or Need Immunity Boost?
Come try a reflexology treatment, at Healing Touch Reflexology where you can select from a variety of treatments of your choice or even purchase a Gift Certificate for a loved one in need of a treat.
Variety of Treatments Facial Reflexology. The session begins with the application of hot towels to your face. Facial pressure points are then stimulated to soothe away aches and pain, prompting the body’s healing mechanisms. This unique treatment is incredibly relaxing aiding to release tension and anxiety. A specially formulated Elixir oil leaves your skin rejuvenated with a healthy glow. A great way to feel better inside and out. Foot Reflexology. A relaxing, holistic therapy involving massaging key reflexes in the feet, which act as maps for all your internal organs and parts of the body. Areas of imbalance can be felt in the feet and by gently pushing and releasing, the body is encouraged to heal itself. The session typically lasts one hour but you can add a mini-facial reflexology treatment of either 15 or 30 minutes at an additional cost, to give yourself an extra, indulgent and longer-lasting treat. Zone Face Lift (ZFL – Bergman method) An incredible new holistic facial treatment that combines Facial Reflexology with Zone Face Lift massage and sculpting using a jade guasha tool, rose quartz stone mushrooms plus an award-winning oil to smooth, massage and rejuvenate the face and also boost your body’s immunity, reduce inflammation and promote healing. Do get in touch, either call: 07840 543 893 Email me at: [email protected] Or have browse: