Advertising Order Form

Order form terms and conditions

  1. Syston Town News shall endeavour to include the advertisement in the issue requested and also on the page specified, where applicable.
  2. If artwork is supplied it must be to the sizes specified and conform to copyright legislation.
  3. Artwork designed by Curzon Graphics is normally FREE of charge. However, it is subject to copyright and must not be passed to other media sources for use without prior permission being sought, for which a small charge may be levied. Any photography or specialized artwork may be charged for.
  4. The Advertiser is deemed to be aware of any laws or regulations under the Trades Description Act or other Act, which may apply to his or her goods or services.
  5. Syston Town News will take every care to see that a high standard of artwork and accuracy is maintained, but cannot in any way be responsible, legally or otherwise, for any accidental mistakes whatsoever and the Advertiser, by signing the order form below, shall be deemed to accept this condition.
  6. Syston Town News reserves the right to alter the above conditions.


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