Syston Yard Sale 2018

Hello everyone, wondering why you haven’t heard anything yet about this year’s event? Then read on!
We love organising this event and hearing stories from the people we meet, the whole idea is to promote community spirit and get people engaging with each other.
We haven’t set a date yet as it is now just my wife and I left to do everything and at the minute we are extremely busy with our lives. It is currently difficult to get everything done, without the extra strain of organising the yard sale.
This year we are potentially looking at a September date, is anyone aware of any days we should avoid for whatever reason?
Also, I need help with the raffle. Without it, we will have to charge people to be on the map to cover running costs.
We greatly appreciate input, comments, opinions but most of all, your assistance.
Please step forward if you’d like to assist with behind the scenes activities for your community. You can contact us through the Facebook page @systonyardsale.
Fingers crossed,