5 Benefits of Working with the Breath

We begin life with our first breath.
We end life with our last.
All the conscious breaths in between can be used as a way to monitor how we are and we can use them to bring a sense of balance into our lives.
Often when we are stressed we rely on the mind chatter to find a solution, rushing here and there trying to grasp at things that might make us feel better.
The answers to our imbalances are often not found in the mind chatter, it’s in the nervous system (where we feel stressed).
We access the nervous system through the breath.
With yoga and mindfulness, the breath is what leads the practice. In turn, calming the nervous system and making us feel better. It’s really that simple.
Take a moment now to check in with your breath. How does it feel?
Shallow breathing causes stress and anxiety. To combat this take deeper (not too deep), slower breaths. This will bring more oxygen into your system allowing the body to relax.
Benefits of working with the breath over the mind are:1) Calms the nervous system2) Improves heart health3) Improves mental, emotional and physical  health4) We become more resilient to life’s challenges5) We feel grounded 
What can you do today to bring more breath awareness into your life?
If you suffer from anxiety ask a loved one to remind you to slow the breathing down at the times when you can’t find the breath.

Lyndsey from Balance Yoga.