Birstall Golf Club Launches Flexible Membership Initiative

To cater for the next generation of golfers seeking a different experience to the more traditional nature of golf club membership, Birstall Golf Club have launched a flexible membership scheme.
Confirming this significant addition to the range of membership available at Birstall club Chairman Robin Francis commented “ The world of golf as we know it is clearly changing. England Golf figures confirm the number of casual golfers in the UK is now approximately double that of the traditional full subscription member. This reflects the more flexible society we now live in. Younger players with family commitments and financial considerations such as mortgage payments do not necessarily have the time or money to justify full golf membership. However they wish to continue to play golf at a time and at a price that fits with their other commitments.”
Birstall is now launching a flexible membership scheme which for a fee of £325 allows the member to play up to 30 rounds a year, gain a handicap and participate in a limited number of competitions as well as enjoying full house membership. Francis further commented “ For flexible members booking has to be done on line and this type of membership allows us to make better use of our excellent course at quiet times. The scheme offers a pathway to full membership and reflects the reality of golf in 2018. With England Golf confirming 80% of golf clubs now offer on-line booking we are confident this more flexible approach will provide us with the necessary numbers to achieve an appropriate balance between flexible members using the course at quieter times and full subscription members seeking the total golf experience”
The initial pilot exercise will limit flexible membership numbers to 40 and full information on the scheme can be obtained by telephoning Club Manager Jo Shepherd on 0116 267 4322 or by visiting the club’s website on