In late 1967 when I was 14, I bought a magazine called ‘Jimmy Hill’s Football Weekly’. There was a section inside for anyone seeking a penpal (no such thing as social media then!) Due to the fact my mother was from Leicester and still having a cousin there, I chose to write to a girl called Christine Plume who lived in Syston.
I am glad to say Christine wrote back and we have been friends ever since. 
We first met in 1968 when I came and stayed with my Aunt and Uncle.

The photograph above shows myself and Christine exchanging Christmas cards.
She got married in 1973 to Christopher Holland who I have to say is truly my best friend, pictured below, with Christine and myself. 
We visit each other once or twice a year. My partner Sue and I came up Guy Fawkes weekend. It is a great feeling to be greeted as one of the family, and to be called ‘Uncle Mick’ by the children and grandchildren.
As you can see in the photographs I am a Leicester Tigers’ fan (unless they are playing a Welsh team!) They are coming to Pontardawe in January when Tigers are playing Scarlets.
My life would be a lot poorer if they were not in my life.
Michael Lewis