SPOTLIGHT -The Journal of Syston Town Council February 2019

A Tribute to Cllr Maureen Pacey

In December 2018, Syston Town Council sadly lost one of its long-serving and dedicated Councillors, Cllr Maureen Pacey. The main part of our Spotlight article is written as a tribute and remembrance of Maureen and the contribution she made to the town of Syston.
Maureen faced life with a determination to overcome any problems she met and was always affable, humorous, able to defuse moments of tension with a quip and a smile. She served Syston for 15 years and was involved on all committees and several working parties at Syston Town Council over the years. She was punctilious in her attendance at Council, committee and working party meetings, making a valued contribution to our town and Council.
Maureen was well known and liked in our community, she was involved in many civic events and supported her husband, Cllr Ken Pacey in his mayoral year at Charnwood Borough Council as his Consort, when they together undertook 451 engagements around the Borough as well as travelling to Zamosc in Poland, Schwabisch in Germany and Epinal in France. In addition, together they hosted 50 events at the Civic Suite at Loughborough Town Hall and welcomed 1741 visitors to the Mayor’s room. Maureen proved an excellent ambassador for the Borough of Charnwood in every way, at home and abroad. Many of the connections and friendships formed have endured over the years. She was also an honorary member of the Showman’s Guild.
Maureen had been married to Ken for 59 happy years, during which time they raised their family, who have provided, great support to Ken at this difficult time. Maureen provided unwavering support to Ken, always, in their life together.
I think probably the words of our Local Member of Parliament, Ed Argar mirror my thoughts. “Maureen was approachable, easy to talk too, listened and acted in the best interests of the community and her family and many friends. She had a mischievous sense of humour and could be relied on to take a pragmatic and common-sense approach.”
We shall all miss Maureen greatly. Someone so special will never be forgotten by our community, her many friends or her family.
May she rest in peace. Thank you Maureen for all you did.
Syston Town Council
Welcome to Cllr Bobby Singh

Syston Town Council welcomes Cllr Bobby Singh, representing St Peters Ward West, along with Cllrs Barkley, Branston, Carnall and Lucas.
Bobby Singh is a British born Sikh historian, writer and documentary filmmaker who studied Business Management and Economics in England.
His interest in Indian History, Anglo-Sikh Heritage and Culture has allowed him to interact with the Indian/Sikh Diaspora all over the world. He has attended major International Sikh and Indian conferences and has given numerous lectures on the theme of Indian Partition of 1947, Indian Soldiers in the World Wars and on the Anglo-Sikh Wars in Canada, France, United States, Scotland, Singapore, India, Sweden, Italy, Australia, Norway, Malaysia and Pakistan.
Bobby Singh Bansal has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards. In 2010, his maiden publication, The Lion’s Firanghis – Europeans at the Court of Lahore, which charts the careers of European officers to the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century, was received positively by critics and audiences worldwide.
His forthcoming documentaries Indian Soldiers in the Great War and Legacy of the Sikh Empire with his upcoming publication, The Punjab Chiefs – Aristocratic Families of Northern India is releasing in 2020.
Bobby is looking forward to working with Syston Town Council and the community and is keen to play a visible and active role in Syston’s future.
Forthcoming Events
Syston Town Council Citizen and Syston Town Council Young Citizen of the Year Award
Syston residents are invited to nominate fellow citizens for the Syston Town Council Citizen of the Year Award. The Awards will be presented at the Chairman’s Civic Reception to be held on Friday 5th April 2019.
The Awards are to recognise outstanding contributions to the local town and community during the past year or over a number of years or have performed an outstanding achievement or act of heroism. A full list of criteria can be found on the Syston Town Council website.
Current joint holders are Bob and Meg Hendry.
The Young Citizen of the Year Award is a new initiative and is aimed at young people aged 18 years or under.
Councillor Recruitment Evening
If you have the passion and drive to help Syston and its community, then please share it with us; you can do something positive for Syston and play an important role in the key developments in the town. You are invited to our Councillor Recruitment Evening on: Wednesday 13th February from 6.00pm to 8.00pm at the Queen Victoria public house, High Street, Syston.
This is an open informal session where you can meet serving Councillors and the Town Manager to find out how you can become involved.
Commitment is just one Tuesday evening per month, although there are ample opportunities to become more involved.
Qualifying criteria: You must live or work in Syston and are aged 18 years or over and either a UK or qualifying commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Irish Republic or a citizen of another Member State of the EU. If you have an interested in becoming a Councillor and are unable to attend the Recruitment Evening, please contact the Town Manager for an informal discussion.
Councillors Surgery Sessions – the first Saturday of each month.
Our local County and Borough Councillors are available to assist you with any issues that you have in Syston that are the responsibility of the Borough or County Council. The sessions are held between 10.00am and 11.00am on a ‘drop in’ basis.
Contacting your Council:
Merton Ward
Cllr Paul Henry (Chairman)
Cllr Phillip Knight
Cllr Ken Pacey
Cllr Harold Screaton
St Peters East Ward
Cllr Sue Gerrard
Cllr Stephen Hampson
Cllr David Pepper
St Peters West Ward
Cllr Tom Barkley (Vice Chairman)
Cllr Josie Branston
Cllr Malwyn Carnall
Cllr John Lucas Cllr Bobby Singh
New Barkby Ward
Cllr Charlotte Booth
Cllr Lara Towell
Cllr Eric Vardy
All Councillors can be contacted via Syston Town Council
Syston Town Council
Community Centre,School Street,Syston LE7 1HN
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Deputy Town Manager: Ursula Southan
Senior Administrator: Kay Liquorish
Assistant to the Town Manager: Sophie Brown
Telephone: 0116 260 7150
Council Meeting Dates
February 2019
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Tuesday, 12 Amenities
Tuesday, 19 Resources
Tuesday, 26 Full Council
March 2019
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Tuesday, 12 Amenities
Tuesday, 19 Resources
Tuesday, 26 Full Council
April 2019
Tuesday, 02 Development and General Purposes
Tuesday, 09 Amenities
Tuesday, 16 Resources
Tuesday, 23 Full Council
All meetings take place in the Brookside Suite at the Community Centre at 7.30 pm, unless stated otherwise.