St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Kingdom Come is a global wave of prayer, originally set up by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016. It lasts for the eleven days between the Christian festivals of Ascension and Pentecost.
The leaders of Eleven30, the all-age service based at St Peter & St Paul Church, Syston, organised the prayer event to be shared between the church, members of St Peter & St Paul CE Primary Academy and the public. The main focus of the prayers was on thinking about families,
friends and those who help us in the local community.
On Sunday 2nd June, during the Eleven30 service, the congregation came to pray together in the church grounds. Everyone took a yellow ribbon to pray about friends and family, which was then tied onto the church gates.
From Monday 3rd June, the prayers moved to the school, where a net was displayed to tie different coloured ribbons throughout the school week. Red ribbons were left out for people passing to think about doctors, dentists, ambulance drivers and paramedics, while saying a quiet prayer. On Tuesday, pink ribbons signified thanking those people who keep us safe, firefighters and the Police. Wednesday’s green ribbons focused on people who provide food for us, such as farmers, shop keepers and lorry drivers. On Thursday, we thought about people delivering and collecting things using a blue ribbon, for postal workers, refuse collectors and the milk service. The final ribbon on Friday was to think about those people who give us guidance and help. Purple ribbons were tied onto the net to thank school staff, church leaders and counsellors.
Further ribbons would be made available at the parish Eucharist service on Pentecost Sunday to support further prayer.
Thank you to everyone in Syston who contributed to our beautiful rainbow of prayers. This truly has been a reflection of a community praying together.
Katherine Rayner
On Sunday 2nd June we began with a struggle! Some children were looped together with wool and challenged to untangle themselves from each other. This was linked with the theme of the session, exploring that, even in times of struggle, God is still with us and through prayer we can
get through the dark times. An interactive story telling session followed, where families discovered the bible story of Paul in prison and the positive effect his actions had on others. The story was then followed up by lively songs, outdoor prayers at the church gate and an activity where
the children made prayer spinners to inspire them in different ways of praying.
Christian Aid Week
I volunteer at the hub cafe one day a week and when I heard that churches together were organising the Big Brekkie again for Christian Aid week I wanted to be part of the event. I worship at St Peter and St Paul’s church and I feel it’s a great way to share Christian Aid’s work in our community. The atmosphere was buzzing, three days from 9.30am till 11.30am we filled the air with wafts of bacon, toast, coffee, and the gentle hum of chatting and laughter. I shared the counter with a variety of ages and denominations, I met people I knew and new people too. It was a great success. Thanks to Jo Cooper for managing the kitchen and all the helpers.
The amount raised was £161.20.
Wendy Hardy
As part of St Peter & St Paul’s Church contribution to the week Christian Aid envelopes were circulated on Sundays at the start and finish of Christian Aid Week and the total raised was £205.
St.Peter and St. Paul’s Ladies Friendship Circle
Despite the evening being wet and cold twenty two ladies attended the A.G.M, Cynthia began by giving a brief resume’ of the past year reminding us of the speakers and other events we had all enjoyed. She was also able to inform us that the charity we had supported (The Air Ambulance) would receive a cheque for approximately £1600 and that will be presented in September. We discussed slight changes when organising the meetings and several ladies offered to be responsible for various tasks. After the business was over we all enjoyed light supper which had been organised including strawberries and cream. On Monday June 24th we will be at Roots in Barkby for Afternoon Tea. This will be the last meeting until September when our new programme begins.
Doreen Payne