How to Lose Weight On Holiday

How to Lose Weight On Holiday
If losing weight is your goal and you want to continue that journey on holiday and not do what I call the “cha cha cha” of weight loss, always taking one step forward and two steps back then here are just some of the things I did when on my own weight loss journey and came home 10lb lighter!

I know, you’ve worked all year for this holiday, it’s a holiday after all and you’re going to enjoy yourself. Take a week off from your journey, start again when you get back? Sound familiar?
If your serious about weight loss and want to be consistent, it is possible to lose weight on holiday. There is no need to overeat just because you are on that all inclusive holiday or feel like you need to ‘make the most’ of everything. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, you still can! It all boils down to calories in the end no matter what your usual method or plan of weight loss is.

There are always lots of healthy foods on offer, salads, lean meats, fruits, vegetables etc. You don’t have to pile your plate high, making food mountains, or have three course meals at every mealtime just to get your monies worth.

Choose healthy options like grilled lean meats and fish, fresh salads, fruits and avoid sauces if you can and how about sharing that dessert with someone instead. Try filling half your plate with salad at mealtimes, naturally cutting down the calories. Choose fruit, natural yogurt and poached eggs for breakfast. You can choose a small plate or bowl instead of a dinner plate, again cutting down the calories. Go ahead, have that ice cream if you want it, you can eat anything you like within reason if you track how many calories your consuming.

Drink lots! Water that is.. aim to drink at least two litres each and everyday. This really helps to lose weight and fills us up.
You could cut down on the alcohol and cocktails and track the ones you do have, you can still enjoy yourself if your serious about weight loss.

Why not take a walk around the area on your holiday and burn off some calories, that’s what I did, along with making good use of that pool by actually doing some swimming for half an hour a day.
All these changes in lifestyle habits add up and led me to lose 10lb whilst on holiday for one week. I was just as shocked! Usually I would have put on that amount in the past and would feel my new holiday clothes getting that bit more snug as the holiday went on.

I’ve changed my lifestyle upside down! And it feels fabulous!
I started my weight loss journey in May 2018 and lost Five Stone in eight months through Calorie Counting and regular exercise. I am passionate about helping people reach their goals too on a one to one basis. If I can do it then anyone really can. No ‘diet’ no fads. If you are interested in finding out more about what I can offer you:
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