Syston Town News Report on the Full Syston Town Council meeting held via Zoom on Tuesday 27th October 2020

The monthly Syston Council meeting occurred on the date above with 15 Cllrs present as well as the Town Manager, deputy Town Manager, senior administrator and assistant to the Town Manager.

Among those in attendance there was Cllr S Walker, making this his first official meeting as part of the council.

Apologies were received from Cllr M. Carnall, Cllr H. Screaton and Cllr James Poland.

In the adjournment for matters raised by the public; Mrs F. Henry, editor of Syston Town News, firstly thanked the Council and in particular Cllrs T. Barkley and J. Lucas for their kind words in memory of her recently deceased husband. She also asked for an additional waste bin to be put near the bus stop on Melton Road near the junction with Goodes Lane, due to the hazardous waste and general litter that had been accumulating in front of residents homes in that area. The council decided that this was a matter for the borough council, although it was referred to the development committee for further discussion.

In the Announcements and Communications item, it was highlighted that the Great Central Railway had received £250k from the Heritage Running Fund which will go towards running costs.

This month, there was no police report discussed during the meeting as the timing of this report did not correspond with the timing of the meeting.

In the County and Borough CCouncillor report by Cllrs Tom Barkley and Simon Bradshaw, they discussed mental health day. This occurred on 10th October and the report stated that Leicestershire County Council (LCC) had supported mental health day. The report provided tips from the NHS to better handle mental health and also recognised the struggles this year has brought to those who struggle with it.

Community grants were also discussed as the council announced it has launched their VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) Covid-19 Grant, which helps voluntary organisations respond to community needs during the pandemic. 39 organisations were awarded funding, including two Syston charities, Age Concern and Syston and District Volunteer Centre.

In the IT issues Effecting Councillors item, councillors were encouraged to be more active on social media sites. A request for the council to purchase iPads for each Cllr was discussed. It was agreed that if this was to be accepted, the Council would be required to maintain the equipment, which in the current climate was thought to be an unnecessary expense.
It was proposed by Cllr K Pacey and agreed to delay any decisions on the supply of iPads for twelve months. All but one was in favour.

The On-Going Developments Impacting Council Operations (Covid-19) item, the chairman mentioned that everyone in the council had adapted well to the difficult circumstances.

The Town Managers report included many updates including that friends of Barkby Road had decorated the chapel with poppies for Remembrance Sunday and that Melton Road car park had been resurfaced with the toilets remaining open. There are still four Councillor vacancies.

The Deputy Town Managers’ report highlighted that highways had sent the licence for the Christmas lights to be erected which was scheduled to occur the week of the meeting.

It is clear that the council are continuing to adapt to the current circumstances of the pandemic and keeping all meetings open to the public via zoom.
Reece Stephenson
Undergraduate in Journalism