STN Editors Report on the Full Syston Town Council meeting held via Zoom on Tuesday 15th December 2020

There were 11 Councillors (Cllrs) present, one County Cllr and three staff, no police or members of the public were present.

Apologies were received from Cllrs M. Carnall, L.Towell, H. Screaton, S. Visavadia, P. Walden and County Cllr J. Poland.

The Reflection was read by the Chairman Cllr T. Barkley.

There were no declarations of interest in relation to any item on the agenda and no matters raised by the public.

Announcements and Communications – The Chairman advised members and the community to remain vigilant as crime was prevalent during the festive season.
Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) were delivering Sandbags and PPE as part of the Emergency Management System. The sandbags were being provided for vulnerable people effected by or living in a flood area only and PPE was for Council staff when delivering sandbags to those vulnerable people.

The police report had been received and it outlined the continued antisocial behaviour/illegal drug taking in the town as well a road safety issues.

County and Borough Councillors Reports
These reports began with Cllr T. Barkley for his roles as both County and Borough Cllr. He explained that after such a difficult year he wanted to highlight just a small part of the County Council’s work. He spoke about Emergency Management, SHIRE Community grants, The New environmental Strategy, Culture and Libraries services, trading standards, Public Health. The Business Recovery fund. He said a new round of Leicestershire Communities Fund, round 3, had been agreed, more details of this can be found via He concluded his County Cllr report by giving details of the work he is involved with, he is on the Scrutiny Commission at LCC which overseas all areas of Council work, he is Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee and he is also on the Pension Board and Investment sub-committee.
His CBC report included information about budget setting, Business Grants, Charnwood Council member work where as Deputy Leader, a Cabinet Member, Lead Member for Finance, Property Services and Building Control and Revenues and Benefits, He is a Member of Charnwood’s Carbon Management Board and Personnel Committee which has kept him busy along with his other responsibilities.
He finished by stating that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding COVID-19 as it is hoped that by June 2021 most of the population with have been vaccinated. He wished everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.
Cllr S. Gerrard reported that she had taken part in every Zoom/Teams meeting that she was invited to which included about the government’s white paper on the new planning guide. She had given £500 Borough Councillor Grant to Syston Town Ladies Cricket Team, the monies will be used for uniforms and equipment.
Cllr S. Bradshaw thanked all the Officers in what has been a very tough year, for giving great support to Syston, and he wished Officers and Members a Merry Christmas.
Cllr K. Pacey supported the comments of Cllr S Bradshaw; everyone has done a fantastic job and hopes that in 2021 things improve. Happy Christmas to everyone.
County Cllr J. Poland had submitted a report in his absence and it covered the ambitious net zero target set by the LCC. He said the Lateral flow test kits had arrived in the county and finished by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

All minutes were received and agreed.

The Final Draft Budget for 2021/2022 – The Budgets had been scrutinised by all Committees on a monthly basis since October. The Council Tax Base rate for 2021/2022 from CBC had just been received to enable the finalising of the Precept amount. To achieve a balanced budget an increase of 2.08% on Council Tax was required based on a ‘Band D’ figure for Syston. This equated to an increase of £2.46 per household per year; this was a weekly increase of 05 pence per household. Following this the precept for 2021/2022 was approved at £526,163.

There were no questions for the Chairman and the Town Managers report had been circulated. Council Operations During Covid-19 Pandemic Update
The Council continued to support mental health groups. Football pitch hire had been allowed to restart. The Pavilion was open to provide toilet facilities during football games only and was stewarded by Council staff. Officers and Estates staff were working normal hours.
Council Operations would be suspended during the festive break from 23rd December 2020 and would resume on Monday 4th January 2021.