Greetings from Your Beat Team

We have had some changes of staff to our team including saying goodbye to Sgt Chris Wharton who has moved to Euston Street in the city, to take the role of Inspector. We will all miss his leadership and enthusiasm.

We now welcome Sgt 3002 Fabrizio Smargiassi who has many years of experience in Response Policing and is looking forward to working with the communities on our Beat.

Our team at the moment is: Sgt 3002 Smargiassi, PC 1651 Stowell, PC 1909 McCaffrey, PC 4290 Johnson, PCSO 6868 Lacey, PCSO 6100 Spence and PCSO 6098 Richards.

Policing in these times of Covid is certainly bringing fresh challenges as we continue to Engage, Explain, Encourage and Enforce the new legislation. Most people abide by the rules but unfortunately we do find ourselves having to issue fines to the few who still insist on doing their own thing.

Crime patterns have changed since being in lockdown as more people are in their homes, so as a result there have been less burglaries. However the incidents of theft from vehicles has increased.

We still advise that people try and get into good Crime Prevention Habits so locking up routines etc become second nature.

When you leave your homes make sure all windows and doors are locked, leave a light on or set a lamp on timer to come on as it gets dark. Set house alarms if you have one.

Ensure that your vehicles are left locked and secure with no items on show.

Be vigilant in the area you live and don’t be afraid to report anything you think is suspicious or out of the ordinary. Ring 101 to report things or of course 999 in emergency.

We appreciate all the help we get from our Communities and working together is the most effective way for us to be able to provide a good service to you all.

Also sign up to Neighbourhood Link at This is a messaging platform the Police are using to get information out to people in the Communities where you live. We can tell you things that are relevant and current regarding Crime spikes, suspicious vehicles, Scams etc in your area.

And finally, please continue to look out for one another and stay safe.
PCSO 6098 Richards