Syston’s Best Kept Secret

If you like a pint of real ale or a choice of gins give this secret a try.
The Social Club will be 50 years old in 2022 and hopes to be going in another fifty.
We offer a friendly reception to all, particularly families, who are welcome to use the club itself or the sun-drenched walled garden at the rear of the club. The club itself has recently been decorated and provides a comfortable place to relax.
Originally the club was set up by a group of people in support of the Labour Party but in 2019 members overwhelmingly voted to remove the political connection.
The club is owned by its members and new members immediately have a stake in the club. Some members help to maintain the upkeep of the club and find this extremely rewarding, recent help has included decorating and restyling the garden. A major challenge facing the club is a ‘make over’ of the outside decoration. Do we paint over the existing paint, remove it and repaint or remove to bare brick and keep as original? The latter is my favourite but the problem is we haven’t the resources to fund it. If anyone out there knows of grants we can apply for, ideas for fund raising or wishes to donate towards this refurbishment please contact me.
But what of the future? In the short term we hope to get over the Covid disruption and gradually welcome members and potential new members to the club. We have all safety procedures in place and even if the all clear is given it is likely members will still need to feel safe.
In the longer term we could well apply for a ‘full on’ licence. There would still be members with their privileges but anyone else could visit the club. This would make the letting of the Function Room easier, bringing welcome income to the club.
Before I close let me mention, for those who may not know, that the club has been a Camra club of the year several times over the last few years and been included in the Good Beer Guide.
Finally, before I nip for a pint please remember if you value your pubs and clubs now is the time to support them – use them or lose them!!
If you would like to contact me, please ring the club on 0116 260 9086 and leave a message.
See you for a pint on Friday.
Cheers Tim Garner, Chairman.