From Social Distancing to Social Gathering By Ineke Doesburg

Syston QT Theatre Group
Day to day life might sometimes feel like acting, especially when you are not at all in the mood and you put a face on just to get through the day. If this sounds like you, you might be interested in making acting your hobby. Twice a week the Syston QT Theatre Group comes together for rehearsals. Not just for fun, but rehearsing for a proper performance with a real audience that pays for tickets! And it doesn’t stop there. Apart from acting, the group also design and craft their own stage props. But I am already ahead of myself. Let’s see where they rehearse and meet the cast and director.
On a very cold Tuesday evening I met Jude in the Old Chapel. She is very passionate about the current play but also tells me about previous performances. I had no idea we had such a driven acting group in the town. One by one the actors arrive. And they are all very enthusiastic about the play and the joy this group brings them.
“Being a member of this group has really been useful to meet people when I just came to Syston ages ago. I never left!” says Kat, smiling.
It’s funny to see them change into character without changing anything else. They are still wearing the same clothes as when we chatted, but now they are different people. Jude is the director and takes control. When an actor struggles with their lines, she helps them recover and the play continues. During the pause, feedback is given and everything is being done so friendly and respectful.
They will be performing this current play at the end of May. Why not get some tickets, enjoy a nice evening out and meet this lovely group of people?
Would you like to give acting, prop making or even stage production a go?
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