Children at The Merton Primary School Remembrance Day Exhibition

Children at the Merton Primary School are excited to be working alongside the Haymarket Shopping Centre to display their work in a Remembrance Day Exhibition.
Children at the Merton Primary School, in Syston Leicester, learnt about WW1 and the significance of Remembrance Day, before taking part in creative lessons to design and make their own poppy.
Over 400 children from Reception to Year six created a poppy that featured in the 10m display to be exhibited in the Haymarket shopping centre. The poppies were displayed in the centre from Saturday 3rd November until 12th November; family, friends and visitors were welcomed to visit the display. Children at the Merton sold poppies and merchandise at school to raise money for the British Legion’s poppy appeal.
This project marks the start of a collaborative journey with a number of Leicester businesses and individuals, who have agreed to work with the Merton Primary school, and other schools within the Bradgate Education Partnership Trust, to create and enhance their purposeful learning journey.
Matt Lee, Head Teacher at the Merton Primary School, said, “At the Merton Primary School, we are keen for children to ‘Make a Difference” with their learning whether that be to their own lives, the lives of the community they live in or the world beyond. We are excited by opportunities to work with partners that bring our children’s hard work to life and enable pupils to develop a real sense of what purposeful learning is and what they might want to do with their lives in the future.”
Last year the Merton Primary school launched their ‘Aspirational – Make a Difference’ curriculum which inspires to deliver purposeful learning.
‘If children explicitly understand why they are learning something, or they recognise how that knowledge connects and can make a difference in the outside world, then it gives their learning a genuine purpose, which in turn provides them with a greater focus and better engagement in their learning.’
Kate Solomons, Year four Teacher and Business and Aspirations Lead at the Merton.
The Merton Primary school currently have plans to work with a 3D-printing prosthetic company as part of their pneumatics D&T project, BBC Radio Leicester to support their Computing unit on Podcasts and have various STEM, Art, sustainability and careers-based learning projects in the pipeline. They were very excited to work with the Haymarket shopping centre and already have lots of plans to collaborate on projects in the future that will enhance the children’s purposeful learning.
Haymarket Centre Manager Dean Cross said: “At Haymarket we are passionate about helping our community, so were delighted to sponsor and host Merton Primary School’s Remembrance Day Exhibition. We are sure our shoppers will be interested to see all the wonderful poppies created by the pupils while they are on display at Haymarket from 3rd November.”
The Merton Primary school would love to hear from local businesses and individuals who would be interested in collaborating on a future project, or feel they could help enhance the children’s learning.