QT Theatre Group Christmas Production

The group put on two one act plays for Christmas, Pudding and Panto, both written by a great British playwright David Tristram.

The first one was called ‘What’s for Pudding’, set in the living room of Mary, played by Cathy Rackstraw and Jack played by Jules Richards, the couple face another boring Saturday night! The evening is interrupted by friends Maureen, played by Gill Bowler and Ted, played by Matt Ormerod who called to ask Mary and Jack to go to a dance the next Friday as they had tickets. The drink flows as they consume a bottle of whisky which leads to anything but a boring Saturday evening and their antics are witnessed by Dennis, played by Toby Garner, who only wanted to order a new pair of brown flared trousers from Mary’s catalogue! The audience thoroughly enjoyed this play and we all had sore ribs by the end of it. It emerges at the end of the play that it was in fact Mary and Jack’s wedding anniversary and she was so fed up that he hadn’t, or so she thought, remembered to buy anything for it! We find out at the very end the truth! He was going to spring a surprise!! But maybe not the one shown in the picture above!

After an interval with refreshments we all took our places to see ‘Last Panto in Little Grimley’. This revolved around an amateur dramatic society trying to put on a Panto, written by their script writer Gordon, played by Ron Berry, who hopes to get audiences flocking to see it. However, as you can imagine this doesn’t go to plan, what with a dwindling budget, problem lighting and acting ability there are some interesting twists. The audience were in tears of laughter watching all the mishaps as they unfolded. What with slip-ups, knockouts and patch-ups along side of snide and sarcastic exchanges between Bernard, played by Jules Richards and Margaret, played by Kat Seddon. Plus the hilarity caused by Joyce, played by Jo Gallagher who is supposed to be taking minutes but struggles to spell and causes Gordon much frustration! They struggle to get everyone together to rehearse so the final scene ends in complete chaos, lighting failing, actors all over the place until eventually the pantomime horse collides with everyone else on stage and they all end up on the floor!
The picture above left shows the cast in rehearsal.

The QT theatre group of actors and crew are amazing. How Jules Richard remembered lines for two plays running concurrently is amazing and they all make it look seamless, which shows just how much work they all put in to bring these great plays to the audiences.
If you haven’t been to see a production, then you are missing out.
Their next production will be in May and I’m sure rehearsals will be underway soon. If you would like to be a part of this small but friendly group you can contact them via: qtsyston@gmail.com
They are always looking for new actors, or crew.