Syston’s Happy Ukulele Band & Grosvenor Fundraiser in Memory of Stu Ashby

On Sunday 17th December 2023, led by our intrepid band leaders, Lenny Abraham with Dave Houseman on Bass, we entertained the audience at the Grosvenor Lounge and Snooker Club, in Syston.
A couple of our members, Sara and Clive, had approached Matt and Steph at The Grosvenor enquiring if they would be interested in having Syston’s Happy Ukulele Band do a concert at The Grosvenor with the Grosvenor hosting the fundraiser.
We particularly wanted this event to be aimed at locals helping locals. Steph informed us of a local lady called Stacey Ashby and her two young boys who had been recently bereaved through the sad and sudden passing away of Stu Ashby ­ who was both a dearly loved husband to Stacey, a dearly loved Dad to their two boys, a beloved son to his dearest Mum and a friend to many. Our sincere and loving sympathy to Stu’s family and friends.
Many locals attended and a variety of golden oldies were strummed and sung with the audience happily participating and singing and clapping along.
At the interval Stacey and Stu’s boys were presented with a soprano ukulele each, which had been kindly donated by Lloyd of Intasound, Narborough Road, Leicester. The eldest lad then joined the band during the second half of the concert and strummed Christmas Songs on his new Uke whilst his younger brother did likewise whilst stood by his Mum and the family in the audience.
On Thursday 18th January 2024 the fundraising total of £500 raised during the concert was presented to Stacey by Steph, the events manager at The Grosvenor Lounge.
A few members of Syston’s Happy Ukulele Band were there to witness the presentation.
Stacey would like it known that she is so grateful for what Syston as a community have done and to say thank you so much to the locals who attended and supported this event helping to raise the £500.
Many thanks to Syston’s Happy Ukulele Band for providing the entertainment and many thanks to all concerned at The Grosvenor for making this event possible and taking responsibility for collecting and presenting monies raised.
Stacey is currently having treatment for cancer and she told us that she won’t be the first or the last to be in this situation where a spouse has died of cancer whilst the other also has a cancer diagnosis and likewise her boys won’t be the first or the last to have lost a parent to cancer whilst the other parent also has a diagnosis of cancer. Stacey is keen to raise awareness of this and when the time is right Stacey is considering setting up some sort of Foundation or Support Group in memory of Stu to provide comfort and support for others in the same situation.
This is admirable and just goes to show what a special and lovely lady Stacey is.
Lenny Abraham & Dave Houseman: Leaders of Syston’s Happy Ukulele Band