Team 3G Are off on Their Travels Again for LOROS!

Team 3G, Maureen, Rachael and Faith, are off on their virtual travels again.
As it has not been possible to organise the ‘From Classics to Jazz’ concert this year because of Rachael’s playing commitments in Hull, Maureen and Rachael will virtually pedal the ‘The North Coast 500’ – 516 miles round the coast of Scotland starting at Inverness and travelling clockwise.
The scenery is spectacular on this journey so their imaginations will have to run riot! Faith, who is now 10, is joining them and again will walk / cycle 100 miles, the distance between where she lives in Hull and the LOROS hospice, although she thinks she might be able to go further this time! As before her travels will be tracked on the phone.
They are setting off on Maureen’s 83rd birthday in April and will hopefully complete their journeys 14 weeks later on July 19th, the 26th anniversary of when Maureen’s husband Jim passed away in LOROS.
They hope that as many people as possible will support them again in their fundraising efforts for LOROS, a cause which will always remain close to their hearts.
Donations may be made via their Team 3G JustGiving page or to Fiona at Syston Town News, 55 Goodes Lane, Syston (cheques payable to LOROS).