Barkby & Beeby WI

In January we were entertained by the ‘Hoop Man’ John Parnell who had appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2017. He gave us a potted history of Hula Hooping and told us how his workshops are educating children about exercise and fun. Some members were hula hooping within two or three minutes after a few false starts. 
It burns off 420 calories an hour – refreshments followed!!
Vicki Green
Barkby & Beeby saw ten members and two additions on the coach to Holme Lacey leaving WI House and setting off for a short break at Stratford upon Avon and then on to our destination. The hotel there is a very old building, with a lot of history behind it – if you have the stamina for the very long tour the guide was very knowledgeable. The hotel was very comfortable with the usual good food and entertainment with some enjoying the spa, leisure and beauty treatments and others the walks round the grounds which were extensive. There were trips out to Tewkesbury, Gloucester and Hereford which had many old buildings and the Abbey in Tewkesbury was beautiful and very interesting, having originally been a monastery. As I managed to enter the Jacuzzi in a less than conventional manner, sustaining an injury to my foot, I only made one of the trips so am unable to elaborate on the other two! Coming home the bus wouldn’t start so we didn’t leave until after midday which meant we didn’t get to see anything of Warwick on the way home. Never mind, hopefully next year will be less eventful!
Pat Glover