Last Orders Ladies and Gentlemen!

Responsible drinking, surely that isn’t something which needs to be highlighted to the over 50’s? Well, did you know that those aged 45-64 are the most likely to drink, while those aged 16-24 are the least likely to drink? With more and more people drinking alcohol in the comfort of their own homes rather than going out to public houses, measures may be misjudged or units not accounted for. This is why Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland are pleased to be working in partnership with Turning Point to deliver the Last Orders Project.
The Last Orders Project has now been presenting workshops to groups of people for over two years. The informal approach and fun props makes the topic light hearted yet educational. After all, who wouldn’t smile at their friends wearing beer goggles?! The aim of the session is always to highlight units and safe drinking. The quiz gives some surprising facts and statistics, sparking a variety of conversations. People reminisce about holidays or celebrations when they may have had that one drink too many!
There are often people present at the workshops who are or have been affected by alcohol at some point in their lives. At the end of each session there is information on display about support services for the individual who is affected as well as their loved ones. We are also able to have confidential discussions with people either over the telephone or through a face to face meeting in order to signpost towards the support which they need.
If you are planning a health event or would like to arrange a Last Orders workshop for your group, please do not hesitate to contact Hollie Hughes on 0773 882 0978 or email