The Syston Town News Editor’s report on the Full Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 29th January 2019

There were 11 Councillors (Cllrs), one Police Officer and a member of the public present.
The Reflection was read by the Chairman Cllr P. Henry
Apologies were received from Cllrs P. Knight, B. Singh, L. Towell, S. Hampson and Ccllr J. Poland.
Declarations of Interest were given by Cllrs J. Branston and J. Lucas in relation to the Horace Taylor Trust.
A Public Adjournment item was raised by Mrs F. Henry (Stn editor) with regard to Euro Car Parks who manage the car park at the Town Square on behalf of the owners. She explained the complaints she had received and asked if the Council would write to the landowner to report the problem with the payment machines on 9/10th November last year and try and secure a refund for the people who were frightened into paying a charge of £60 for non- payment for parking, when the machines were out of operation and didn’t have a mobile phone to pay that way or had paid the attendant. The Council agreed to write to the land owner. We will print a follow up in a future issue.
Chairman’s Announcements & Communications – One announcement made was to celebrate Cllr K. Pacey turning 80 years old. The second referred to a council awareness meeting to be held at the Queen Victoria public house, High Street on Wednesday 13th February. Councillors were asked to attend.
Police report – PSCO M. Harburt explained his report and updated the Council in that between 18th December and 29th January there had been three thefts from retailers, seven burglaries of dwellings, five of non-dwellings and four reports of Criminal damage and five reports of vehicle crimes. He was asked about the large number of shops broken into in the area. He said these were all under investigation, leads were being followed up, it was a problem across the county and Leicestershire Police have made it a priority. The incident that took place at Wreake Valley the day before the meeting was under under investigation and police were following up enquiries. Police were maintaining a presence at the school to reassure everyone.
The Stn were alerted to the fact that there had been some exaggeration of the details of the incident on social media, the school acted promptly and officers arrived very quickly.
County/Borough Cllrs Reports
Ccllr T. Barkley began his report with information from Charnwood Borough Council (CBC), which included a collective energy switching scheme for residents, social housing tenancy strategy and Charnwood lottery. In his County Council (CC) report he spoke about the Health Overview Committee, Local Government Pension Scheme Investment Committee and Corporate Governance Committee.
Cllr K. Pacey said there wasn’t much to report on licensing activity but two training sessions for the appeal board had been held. There had been one appeal today regarding the university and the elite athletes hotel which is a 40 bedroom hotel with specialist facilities. There had been some objections because they serve food and drink 24/7. This is because athletes arrive at all times and so want refreshments and food. This is only the second such facility in the world – the other is in the United Arab Emirates.
Cllr E. Vardy spoke about the strategic growth plan and where there may be a road through our area. He said CBC are in the process of updating their core strategy and that will involve assessing the need for housing and where they will go. This should be available in the summer. Syston and other councils will be asked to respond on the plan and if /how it will affect Syston. He then spoke about his work on a tourism strategy for borough – not a lot of tourism in Syston but it may benefit residents of Syston to have places to visit. Areas that need promoting include: Bradgate Park, Outwoods etc. He gave in an example of the benefit for employment. He finished with reference to the tree strategy for the borough. CBC want a plan to plant over 100,000 trees across the borough, and referred to the free tree give-away before Christmas. He said how important it is to replace trees and help the environment. He will report back on this again later in the year.
All Minutes – all agreed and adopted.
The Council had received a request for a three day Funtopia event between 3rd and 5th May 2019 on Central park. Council agreed as the one in 2018 had been a great success.
The council approved a revised Parish projects list which took into account the regeneration projects and S106 monies available.
The Chairman Cllr P. Henry had circulated copies of the Parks and Town Report following a full review on the 15th January. One item was placed on the next Amenities meeting in February.
The Horace Taylor Trust is still looking for a new trustee and anyone interested should contact the Town Council office, when their nomination could be put on the next full council.
The Town Manager’s report – Ms C. Voyce had circulated her report and updated members on activities that had been completed including the submission of an application for replacing the windows in the community centre. A new fire door application was to be submitted the week after this meeting. She reminded Councillors again about the Civic Reception to be held on Friday 5th April, commencing at 6.00pm. An investigation into alternative form of lighting for the Skate park was being explored with Metric. Regarding the goalposts at memorial park, she had been having difficulty getting in touch with the clubs who use them but was now in communication.
There were no Members’ questions to the Chairman.

Fiona Henry, Editor.
For the official minutes of this and other Town Council Meetings please visit their website: You can attend any council meeting held on Tuesday evenings 7.30pm. Details are posted across all Town Council notice boards.