The STN Editor’s report on the Full Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 26th February 2019

There were 12 Councillors (Cllrs) present plus two members of the public.
The Reflection was read by the Vice Chairman Cllr T. Barkley, in the absence of the Chairman Cllr P. Henry.
Apologies were received from Cllrs P. Henry, B. Singh, E. Vardy, and County Cllr J. Poland.
Two Declarations of interest were made by Cllrs J. Branston and J. Lucas in relation to the Horace Taylor Trust as they are both Trustees.
There were no matters raised by the public in the adjournment.
The Police report had been circulated and apologies received from the Police, who were unable to attend.
County and Borough Cllrs reports Cllr K. Pacey reported on licensing related to taxis. He then spoke about the County Practice which has been awarded some Section 106 money to increase facilities at the Practice for a small operations unit and air conditioning.
Cllr T Barkley Reported firstly on the County Council saying that the budget had been approved and it showed a total expenditure of £377.4 million, funded by Council Tax and Business Rates. He said there continued to be increased demand on services and although balanced for the next 2 years, savings of £5.6m in 2021/22 and £20m in 2022/23 were needed. A rise of a £1 per month in Council Tax was necessary. He then spoke about First Contactplus a service run by the County Council in partnership with Gps, the Police, health organisations, voluntary groups and the County and Borough Councils, to provide support on a range of issues including: health, heating, loneliness etc. through local area co-ordinators.
He then spoke about the Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) and started with saying that they had also passed their budget and that they continue to support community groups with members grants of £1k per Borough Cllr. There would be an increase to CBC’s Council Tax of 9p per week. He also explained about the CBC’s Empty Property Tax on properties unoccupied and not on the market for sale. The support given to young people exiting care and the Access group taking up office space at the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park would be creating over 500 new jobs when they move in during the summer of 2020.
All minutes were agreed without amendments.
Standing Orders were suspended to enable a bill for the cemetery of £30,333, for items seen by Resources to be accepted. The Council can then claim the money back from S106. money due.
A nominee had come forward with an interest as being a trustee for the Horace Taylor Trust – this was agreed by Council.
Town Managers report – this had been circulated and Ms C. Voyce updated Cllrs on CCTV operating in Central Park. The Council recruitment evening event was well supported by Cllrs, although not as well attended as hoped but two people showed an interest in becoming a Cllr. Confirmations for the Civic reception had started to arrive and she reminded Cllrs that it will take place in the school room this year. They had received two nominations for the Citizens of the Year Award, but none for the Young Citizen Awards as yet. She said that the Summer hanging baskets had now been collected.
Finally, she said that the new cemetery should be available by April.
There were no members questions to the Chairman.
The point spoken about was in relation the the Council contacting the owner of the Town Square who said he would try and negotiate with Euro Car Parks to override the charges sent out when the machines were inoperable. He has agreed to have a quarterly update.