For many years before it was absorbed into what we now know as
Leicester, Belgrave was a separate, thriving village, complete with its
own schools, shops and factories.

The village had a number of places of worship, all of which played an
important part in the lives of the people of Belgrave. The oldest building
was, and still is, the church of St Peter’s in Church Road. This 11th
century building has been the cornerstone of life, both religious and
secular, of the former village of Belgrave, and for years it marked the
arrivals and departures of many generations of local families.

Declared redundant and closed in 2010, the former church of St Peter’s,
Belgrave has stood empty, largely forgotten and ignored by many. And
for the last eight years the building has been at the mercy of the weather
and the occasional attack by vandals; and it faces a very uncertain future.

Belgrave Heritage Trust has a number of aims in its sights;

1) We want to bring the current state of this former church building
to the attention of a much wider audience, and to help find it a new
use, which will ensure that it has a useful part to play in the

2) We intend to research and bring together information about the
heritage and history of Belgrave Old Village. We are especially
interested in showing how St Peter’s and other places of worship
fitted into the daily lives of the people of Belgrave.

3) We hope to preserve, maintain and enhance buildings and other
features of the landscape which once played an important part in
everyday life.

4) When resources become available the Trust would like to
establish a heritage centre, not only as a showcase for its work, but
also as a centre for welfare, recreation and leisure activities.