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Reporting and dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB):
Antisocial behaviour can take many forms. From drinking in the street and vandalism to nuisance or rowdy neighbours.
Keep a record – Ensure you’re keeping an accurate log of exactly what’s happening in as much detail as possible. This will assist any organisations later on if they have to get involved. Ensure you keep details of whose responsible, who’s affected, who exactly was there or witnessed it, what happened, when it happened, where it happened, how it happened and how it’s affected you. Ensure the details are as accurate as possible, as any inaccuracies may make enforcement more difficult later down the line. Ensure you do this for any separate incident which occurs. Whilst writing them down really consider how it’s affecting you and whether the behaviour does constitute as ASB.
Try local solutions – Depending on the situation there may be opportunities for you to come up with an amicable solution. The responsible person may not even realise the effect they’re having and after a normal conversation you could find the situation resolved. It’s worth considering that in some cases, particularly if it’s a neighbour, there may also be a counter allegation or another root issue which has sparked the problem. Be prepared to make compromises and you will hopefully find your issue resolved. This will not always be appropriate particularly if there’s large groups of unknown people or if you’re scared of violence or repercussions, if this is the case please don’t put yourself in any danger and skip to contacting an organisation.
Record the result – Record any further details such as how well they’ve responded or if it made any change to the behaviour as well as recording the time and date you spoke to them. Continue to record any further incidents.
Make contact with the relevant agency – If the behaviour continues or worsens make contact with the appropriate organisation for further advice. Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) if you or the perpetrator is a council tenant. Relevant housing association if you or the person responsible is a housing tenant. CBC and housing associations have various powers to deal with ASB including eviction in serious cases which tends to be the most permanent solution. If the persons responsible are unknown, or they own their own property or rent privately, please contact the Police. The powers the Police can use in order to solve ASB issues are as follows;
• Increased patrols – Patrols in the area by PCSO’s or PC’s in order to prevent reoccurrences or identify the offender. This is most effective if there are clearly identified times of the incidents occurring.
• Words of Advice/Advice letter – Advice from an officer about the effects of their behaviour and possible consequences.
• Warning letter – A warning of the consequences of their actions and explaining fully what will happen if their behaviour continues.
• Antisocial Behaviour Contract – A voluntary agreement signed by the individual agreeing to stop doing whatever is causing the ASB.
• Community Protection Notice/Warning – Prevents the individual from doing certain things, a breach of which consists of a criminal offence and can result in a fine.
• Criminal Behaviour Orders – An order preventing the individual from doing certain things which may include going to certain areas, associating with certain people, or causing ASB. Breaching this is a criminal offence and can result in arrest.
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