The Stn Editor’s report on the Full Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 26th March 2019

There were 10 Cllrs and one member of public present.
The Reflection was read by the Vice Chairman Cllr T. Barkley in the absence of the Chairman.
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs P. Henry (Chairman), C. Booth, P. Knight, L. Towel, B. Singh and County Cllr J. Poland.
Declarations of Interest were given by Cllrs J. Branston, T. Barkley and S. Gerrard for the Citizen of the year award, item nine on the agenda.
Cllr T. Barkley spoke about the leaflet being circulated in the borough about a scam relating to the council tax bill. He referred to Cllr Southerington who during his illness had fallen victim to scammers.
Public Adjournment the editor of the Syston Town News raised the continuing problem of Euro Car Parks charging people when the machines are not operational. Also the inconsistency of the appeals procedure as some people have had their charges cancelled and others have not; some have been told the machines were broken, others told they was nothing wrong with the machines when the appeals were made in relation to the same day and in some instances around the same time. The council were asked if they could contact the land owner again as it is having a negative affect on our local businesses.
The Police Report was tabled, as no Police were present. The councillors discussed the statistics available on the Police website and raised the fact that not everyone has access to a computer. It was agreed to invite the Police to the Annual Town Meeting in order to explain the crime figures over the last year.
There were no County or Borough Reports due to the forthcoming elections and a period known as Purdah, meaning the town council can’t actively promote or support any political party in the lead up to an election.
All committee and full council minutes were agreed.
Nominations were received for the Citizen of the Year Award and the Young Citizen of the Year. The council voted for their choice. The winners were to be announced at the Chairman’s Civic Reception, details can be found in the SPOTLIGHT  May 2019. It was agreed to write and thank all nominees and nominators after the Civic Reception.
A request to hold a dog show on Central Park on Monday 27th May had been received. Council discussed and agreed with just one abstention.
A complaint had been received from a lady walking her dog at the time that the fireworks went off at the Christmas event in December – the dog had pulled her over. She requested more signage to be put up around the town as she hadn’t realised what time the fireworks were due to go off. The complaint was about the timing of the fireworks, not the noise. There followed a long discussion about the amount of fireworks, the level of noise and that they go on for a long time period, although it was acknowledged that this is not under the council’s control. The council was informed that the people coming to the event do so primarily for the fireworks which only last three to four minutes.
The date for the Annual Town Meeting and Annual General Meeting of the council was agreed to be held on 14th May 2019. Subsequently the date for the Council AGM has been changed, see Spotlight for May 2019 for the updated details.
The Great British Spring Clean was organised for Sunday 14th April, a write up about the event can be seen on The SPOTLIGHT article for May 2019.
Town Manager’s Report – Ms C. Voyce reiterated the meaning of Purdah and said that details of the elections were on the noticeboards.
Cllr D. Pepper, Chairman of the Cemetery panel, reported that residents overlooking the new Cemetery were happy to see the mounds of soil are now being levelled and said it looks a lot better. All is progressing well. The electricity is now connected to the building and will be finished inside over the next few weekends. The roadway is also being finished off. Residents on Ridgemere Close were happy that the fencing had been sorted. He finished by saying that plinths were being ordered for up to five years.
Ms C. Voyce thanked Cllr D. Pepper for going up every day and hoped he and the Chairman will be involved with the official opening.
She reported that the trees behind the band hut were in need of work. Cllr E. Vardy remarked about the trees on the site that was applied for to be a travellers site and he and Cllr T. Barkley have applied for a site of special interest to prevent the trees being taken down.
The report from the tree panel explained a tree rolling assessment should be every 18 months, not three years, after a recent court case.
Cllr M. Carnal said that the council has a record of all the tree work that has been carried out and every case is looked at on its own merits. Cllr J. Lucas was thanked for heading the tree panel.

Fiona Henry
Editor, Syston Town News.