St Peter and St Pauls Church News

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Ladies Friendship Circle
The meeting on Monday, 29th April was an extra one due to the way the monthly dates fell. No speaker had been booked for that night so Cynthia had arranged various activities, namely a quiz, and several other games. We all appreciated Cynthia’s efforts and enjoyed everything that was on offer. During the evening we discussed the changes to our meetings which will take place after the summer break. Before the end of June we have two meetings, 10th June A.G.M. and 24th June Afternoon Tea at ‘Roots’ at Barkby. A fitting end to the present programme.
Doreen Payne
The speaker at our meeting on 13th May was David Scott – his subject ‘When Radio Ruled’. The title could easily have been Nostalgia! David brought along recordings used on radio during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  There  was a great deal of foot tapping and comments of “Oh yes I remember this but what was  the programme called that  it introduced?”. Some ladies were able to identify the programmes  but most of us were just happy to remember  the tune and then chat about the many memories of years ago. Wilfred Pickles, Billy  Cotton Children’s Hour and some of us remembered ‘Music while you Work’, the half hour broadcast which was played over the factory sound  system. It was only relayed for thirty minutes, the rest of the  time  some of the workers would give their own renditions of songs which were popular that day. We all thoroughly  enjoyed the whole evening and the question was asked “Will the songs of today still be remembered in forty or fifty years time? What Do You think? Our next meeting will be the A.G.M on Monday 10th June. The final meeting before the Summer Break will be on Monday 24th June when we will have Afternoon Tea at Roots Farm, Barkby. 
Doreen Payne
After the journey through Holy Week, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday on Holy Saturday the new fire was lit and the early celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. The services took place at different churches in the Fosse Team.
On Easter morning it was with great joy that we celebrated! The singing was enthusiastic and the gift of chocolate eggs distributed by Faith and Hope as we left for refreshments in the hall which was a bonus!
The church was beautifully decorated once again by the flower arranging group.
Open Church Weekend
The flower arranging group pulled out all the stops once again and arranged a spectacular series of arrangements round the church.
Each of the six windows represented two months of the year. The font represented the sacrament of Baptism, beautifully decorated with an all white flower arrangement and several Christening robes and toys.
By the pulpit was a pedestal representing Mothering Sunday, a pink arrangement with some photos of family portraits.
The Lady Chapel was very special as it represented Christmas. There was, of course, a Christmas tree but in a chair by the side of the fire it looked as though Father Christmas had just come in, cast off his clothes, and gone to bed!

There was also a wonderful Maypole and at the bottom of each ribbon a small flower arrangement for each month of the year.
On Saturday afternoon the organist Matthew Jones gave a recital and on Sunday afternoon those visiting enjoyed entertainment by the Syston U3A Ukulele band.
Meanwhile a devoted band maintained refreshments throughout the day. There is one thing a church event can guarantee – great cakes!

Date for your diary:
A Concert entitled ‘Music for a Summer’s evening’, will be given by the Ratcliffe Chorale on Saturday 29th June at 7.30pm in St Peter’s and st Paul’s Church.
Entrance is £7 to include a glass of Wine or other drink, tickets are available on the door.