Happy 50th Birthday to Fosse Company of Archers

Fosse Company of Archers (FCOA) previously Melton Mowbray Archery Club hosted a friendly tournament against Ivanhoe Archery Club to celebrate the clubs 50th Birthday, with cake as the prize.
The tournament took place on Saturday 22nd June, at FCOA’s outdoor venue at Syston Rugby Club. It was an enjoyable event with club members from both parties turning out to make the most of a friendly match and BBQ afterwards.
Eleven from Fosse Company of Archers and twelve from Ivanhoe. The tournament occurred on a sunny day, although concerns were raised due to the wind speed. Secretary for FCOA Amy Hathway, said “The wind can be a problem with Archery. If arrows blow off when you shoot it can damage the bow and throw off your shot.” Talks of cancelling the tournament for the day were raised but luckily the wind ceased to become an issue.
Competitors took aim for targets at varying distances some as far as 60 yards away and more, with six arrows each turn. The tournaments field captain was Peter Curnock who is also the chairman of FCOA.
Although a few weeks after FCOA celebrated their 50th birthday as a club and 10 years since moving from Melton Mowbray, they were still in high spirits alongside Ivanhoe members. Both clubs were showing a sense of comradery with one another. Exchanging how they felt with their shots and making friendly jabs to each other about whether Recurve bows or Longbows were better.
The tournament showed both clubs having a wide range of ages competing for the prize. This, alongside the vastly different types of equipment each member used, showcased the accessibility of the sport.
The PR Officer of Ivanhoe Archery Club, Dave Hammond, remarked “It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, it is totally inclusive. All the clubs in the county are connected with one another.” Dave started due to his son’s interest in the sport and has been shooting for more than eight years. FCOA itself involves a wide range of ages from nine to 87 years old.
Amy Hathway said “it’s a delight to see the archers who are just starting their journey into the sport spending time with those who have done it for years.”
By the end, the shouting of “Three cheers for the field captain!” was followed by cheers and applause for Peter Curnock to commemorate the conclusion of the tournament.
Free Taster sessions are hosted monthly by the club for those wishing to try the sport before committing to a beginner’s course. Beginners courses are hosted regularly for those wanting to take the next step. The course covers aspects of the sport such as basic safety and different bow styles. They also arrange Corporate Have-A-Go’s for any businesses who are interested.
If archery is of interest to you please visit fossecompanyofarchers.uk or email Amy at club1012secretary@gmail.com to find out more information.
By Reece Stephenson