The STN Editor’s report on the Full Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 25th June 2019

There was a large group of residents around 15, 10 councillors (cllrs) and two Borough Cllrs present.
The Chairman Cllr K. Pacey welcomed everyone present and said it was good to see so many members of the public.
He began the meeting by reading the Reflection.
Apologies were received from Cllrs P. Knight, L. Towell, M. Mcloughlin and County Cllr J. Poland.
There were no Declarations of interest given.
Public Adjournment Followed: – One resident asked about Council’s relationship with the Leicestershire County Council (LCC) and does the council have to stay impartial. Cllr T. Barkley initially responded saying that a post on social media implied that a cllr would be at this town council meeting to answer their questions, but that information was incorrect. The resident asked “Can the council make or support any objections?” He replied by saying that the Cllr does try to stay impartial, but that the more that objected the better. He asked them to write to the STC mailbox as well as himself and he would make representations. The residents were invited to the next development meeting. The reason the residents turned up is that there is a parking problem for residents living in St Peter’s Street, a resident asked the council if it had any land to allocate for parking for them Cllr K. Pacey explained that there has been a problem with finding land and having the money.
Another question – “Could highways come to a meeting with the residents?” Cllr T. Barkley said he would ask them.
One resident of St Peters St. had done a petition and discovered that only residents on one side of the road signed as the other side of the road hadn’t receive a letter. Another lady responded by saying that she spoke to the people at LCC and they said they didn’t receive a letter, as they would not be affected by the proposed parking restrictions. The majority of the public left.
Police report – tabled to members as no police were present.
County and Borough reports
Cllr S. Bradshaw spoke about bus Service 27 which goes from Thurmaston through Syston is about to end. He has written to county and it is losing money and currently costs £110,000. A consultation was held on 10th July at the community centre. He was disappointed at the loss of the service but that there is no money to keep it doing.
Cllr E. Vardy firstly gave an update on the Borough wide plan that is progressing and he has insisted that the consultation will be held in Syston. It’s a big plan for 7,000 houses across the Borough. Secondly, at the Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) meeting held on Monday 24th June, he had proposed a motion for CBC to be carbon neutral by 2030. Pledging to plant 100,000 trees over four years. He hoped that Syston Town Council would also be able to continue to reduce its carbon footprint.
Cllr T. Barkley reported firstly on CBC about activities for young people and children over the summer, the change to housing allocation policy to help prioritise residents in most need, Charnwood member grants scheme, this allocates £1,000 to each Borough Cllr for them to allocate it to local groups in need of funding. CBC also have other grants for community groups, see CBC website for details. His County Cllr report covered finance and the need for LCC to make more savings in the region of £75m over the next four years. A consultation is taking place on where the cost savings should be targeted. Trading links with China’s Sichuan Province have been strengthened as Leicestershire has been twinned with this area for over 30 years and has links in agriculture, trade, science, technology, culture, education, public health and tourism. More than 300 Leicestershire business have trade links and 10 county schools are twinned. Finally, he reported on the health provision within the county and how the council is working with the NHS to plan future provision.
Cllr K. Pacey who sits on the CBC licensing committee reported that all tattoo parlours have to be registered in order to operate, this is to ensure that they comply with national standards. These new regulations apply to everyone who does any form of skin colouring.
All Minutes were agreed with no amendments.
Review of Standing Orders – A proposal was made that who ever is proposed to be chairman will have the opportunity to speak to council for a maximum of three minutes, before the vote.
Naming of the New Cemetery Building – There is room in the building that could be used as a meeting room as well as funerals. After some discussion it was agreed to name the building: Millstone Lodge.
Members were asked to send questions in to the office in preparation for the visit of Lord Willy Bach.
Horace Taylor – Mr Pat Wright (Ex-Cllr) was proposed for re-election for another four years.
The date of Civic reception and chairman’s charity 2020 were accepted although not announced.
As is usual when the council goes on recess, a committee made up of the Chairman of the Council and the four Chairs of the committees were agreed in case needed during August.
The Town Manager was absent due to ill health her report and actions update were tabled to members.