St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

St. Peter and St. Paul’s Ladies Friendship Circle
The speaker at our meeting on 28th October was Muriel Walker, her Subject; The Chalk Face.
This proved to be a very entertaining evening when the speaker recounted her experiences of being ‘a teacher’. We learnt that teaching as a profession started when her great-grandmother decided to teach. Her family were not in agreement to this and she was disowned by them.
However she followed her own desire and became a teacher. Since then several members of her family have entered the profession. Muriel being one of the them.
We heard of her feelings on being stood in front of a class of children and of being expected to prepare them for life. As usual most of the children wanted to learn but of course there was always one or two who decided to thwart the teacher’s efforts!
Muriel taught at several schools – some in quite poor areas but through it all even some unlikely pupils progressed into high powered jobs – solicitor, accountant and even a pilot. Whilst Muriel knew many students could not aspire to such heights she knew that on the whole each child had something to give to the community and she helped to nurture their efforts.
A very enjoyable evening which gave an insight to a worthwhile profession.
The theme at our meeting on 11th November was Remembrance. Cynthia had arranged a display of pictures and other illustrations of world war one. She also gave a moving account of her visit to War Graves in France. After the Two Minutes Silence we listened to the reading of ‘They shall not grow Old’ and ‘When you go Home tell them of us.’’ These were followed by two pieces of reflective music. On a less sombre note we had a light hearted quiz on T.V. wartime characters.
Our meetings are at 7.30pm the second and fourth Mondays of the month in the Church Hall, Lower Church Street and everyone is welcome.
9th December informal Members Night
16th December Christmas Service
January 13th New Year Lunch at The Brittania Inn
Doreen Payne.
At our first meeting in November we heard the story of Zaccheus and because he was so small how he climbed up into a tree to see Jesus coming.
We drew pictures, see picture above, learnt a new song about him and prayed together using leaves and even made model pictures with Zaccheus climbing the tree. All this plus refreshments and craft made it a very busy eleven30.
On the 17th of November we heard a part of the letter from St Paul to the Greeks explaining how we need to work together to make things better. The children looked at pictures and tried to guess the occupations of the people using the tools, see picture below. St Paul was saying that we need to work and share our talents.
We constructed a prayer chain to be displayed in church and an eleven30 poster for the display board. The poster displayed all the things that we enjoy and value in the eleven30 service.
Also the eleven30 group and Tots at Ten, the group of under school age children that meets on Tuesday mornings from 10.00am to 12.00noon in the Church Hall, were able to fill 13 shoe boxes with toys and small gifts to be sent to children abroad who will have no presents this Christmas.
Do join us any 1st or 3rd Sunday at 11.30am with your family. A warm welcome awaits you at St Peter & St Paul’s church.
We are particularly looking forward to Christmas and our lovely Christingle/Crib service at 4.00pm on Christmas Eve. Book the date and time for a lovely start to Christmas.