Already given up or bored of your January exercise regime? Tired of muddy fields, cold warehouses, over-priced or over-crowded gyms? Then FIT Friends is for you! ?

Owners of FIT Friends, Di and Nic joined forces combining their professional skills as a counsellor and exercise physiologist to create FIT Friends as a total wellbeing programme. They believe that taking the time to improve physical, mental health and nutrition fosters a happier and healthier life. ?

The concept of FIT Friends was born from a discussion Di and Nic had about physical and mental health and they agreed that being fit contributed greatly to health. However, people didn’t really enjoy working out alone, were unsure how to get the results they wanted and would give up after a short time of trying to engage with the gym. Additionally they also agreed that friendships and talking alleviated many low-key mental health issues.?

FIT Friends encompasses not only the opportunity to explore your mindset and issues with a counsellor but also to enjoy working out as part of a small like minded group with a Personal Trainer, nutritional advice is also available for those who want it.

At FIT Friends, you have it all.? FIT Friends is designed for busy lives. Workout your way and choose from a selection of 52 small group classes at the Loughborough studio – with never more than four people and one Personal Trainer. Friendly Small Group Personal Training, Nutritional Consultations, Workshops and Emotional Wellbeing all in one place.

FIT Friends fitness studio offers you so much more at a fraction of the cost. The modern, air conditioned studio gym and wellbeing centre offer a comfortable, private, unintimidating space for you to achieve your health, fitness and well-being goals? The great news is that the studio gym is NOT open to the public – therefore FIT Friends can guarantee that you will never have more than three others in any training session.?

Everyone of their training sessions is guided by your own Personal Trainer so it’s like 1:1 Personal Training at Bootcamp prices. You can train in a fun, sociable atmosphere with other like minded people no matter what your current level of fitness or age; with support from the team who treat you as an individual and a friend.

Prices start from £8 per session & memberships from £55 Fit Friends also offer discounted membership to older adults (65+) and discounts for friends joining together. ?What are you waiting for? ? Call now to book your free taster session on 01509 437 765 Follow us on; Facebook: Fit Friends Instagram: Email:

28/29 The Rushes, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5BG