Where have all the Skittlers gone?

In the words of the famous song by Marlene Dietrich ‘Where have all the flowers gone?’ ?Where have all the skittlers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the Skittlers gone? Long time ago. Where have all the Alleys gone? Gone to Restaurants every one. When will it ever end. We need to stop this trend! Skittles or ‘Nine Pins’ have been played in pubs in England since the 14th Century, called ‘Kayles’. In Leicestershire it became known as ‘Long Alley Skittles’. The game consists of throwing 3 balls underarm, approximately 30 feet, at a set of 9 pins arranged in a diamond shape. Teams consist of 8 players. Matches to be decided over the best 3 legs. These matches are played throughout the Winter months, usually on a Friday evening. During the Summer months local village ‘Garden Fetes’ would have contained a Skittle Frame where in individuals would throw 3 balls for ‘6d’ (sixpence or 2 ½p) called ‘Skittling for a Pig’. The highest score would win a Pig or take a monetary prize. If the highest winner decided to have the pig you could arrange with the farmer to feed the pig until ready to be slaughtered! Syston & District Skittle League formed in the late 1920’s. It consisted of 48 teams split into 4 divisions, from pubs and clubs of Leicestershire. It has now reduced to 17 teams in 2 divisions.The league is urgently looking for new players of any standard to join our existing teams. As most of the remaining Alleys are not in sight of the main areas of the pubs you may not be aware of one near you. Please contact any of the Committee Members below to find your nearest Alley…COME AND HAVE A GO!! A TEAM NEEDS YOU!! Chris Buxton, David Holmes, Mike James, John Merryweather, Valerie Pears, Mick Reed, Richard Smith, Ian Welbourn & Alan Whitmee