Leslie Edwards Trust

Read My Lips.

Are you beginning to find that your hearing has deteriorated? Perhaps you are having difficulty in hearing when you are in a group of people, or a recent illness has left you with some loss of hearing? Or it may be that a family member is experiencing deafness and you would like to improve the communication between you? Suffering from loss of hearing can impact on many different areas of your life; family relationships, work, hearing the telephone, watching film and television. Because others don’t always understand and may be impatient at your constant need to have conversation repeated, confidence can quickly become eroded. Why not learn to lipread? It may help you to understand and communicate more effectively. Against a friendly background, you will have the opportunity to learn lipreading with a qualified tutor, share experiences with others, and find strategies to cope with some of the difficulties you may be encountering.  L E T are pleased to announce that they will be commencing a Beginner’s weekly Lipreading Course beginning Thursday 23rd April for six weeks to be held at the Baxtergate Baptist Church, Loughborough beginning 1.30pm and finishing 3.00pm Cost £12.00 (for six sessions) If you are interested in joining this class, please phone or text Jane Futcher on 0798 914 6682 or contact the website: http://www.leslieedwardstrust.btck.co.uk