Stn Report on The Syston Town Full Council Meeting of Tuesday 28th January 2020

There were 10 Councillors(Cllrs), two Police Officers and one member of the public present at the meeting which began with the Chairman Cllr T. Barkley reading the reflection. This was followed by the reading of the apologies from Cllrs P. Knight, C.Booth, M. Carnall and S. Bradshaw. There were no Declaration of interest – or matters raised by the public.?In Chairman’s Announcements & Communications the Chairman Cllr T. Barkley wanted to clarify the roles of Councillors and staff and differences between. Cllrs make the decisions and staff advise, responsibilities for decisions made remain with the council and councillors. As. Corporate body no one Cllr makes decisions statutory responsibility to residents. Cllrs have to remain open and transparent. Cllrs not employees of the council, there main purpose is to serve the people of syston. He explained the role of the Town Manager (Ms C. Voyce) which is to give professional advice and complete activities as instructed by the Council. The Town Manager is the line manager for the staff and schedules how work is carried out. The town manager is responsible for contracts on behalf of the council. He said he just wanted to reiterate this at the start of the new year. The Police report was updated by PC A. McCaffrey updated the members on crime in the area and newsletter. He introduced PCSO Will Staniforth how has joined the team and will on patrol soon. There was a discussion about recruiting more councillors as there a need to fill the six vacancies that have been vacant for some time now. The town manager said that they welcomed people from any walk of life with life experiences. She asked Cllrs to ask around and encourage people to join. The planning application for the 195 houses at the top of Barkby Road had been withdrawn, Cllr T. Barkley said this maybe because it did’nt comply with the current core strategy. The new core strategy is due to be adopted in November and so they may put in another application at a later date. The new core strategy will go out for a six week public consultation therefore further opportunities for Cllrs and public to make objections. County and borough reports. CCllr James Poland three items; one related to a national incentive for sharing skills. The second was about the support for healthy living team and the last was to do with travelling around the county and the different options available. Cllr S. Gerrard said she is now attending planning meetings. She is trying to arrange for the Charnwood planning officer to get Highways to come and talk to the council on safety. In her role as champion for the elder person, she is trying to organise a crochet group. Cllr T. Barkley reported on both Counyy Cllr and Borough Cllr Matters including the Health overview Scrutiny committee, scrutiny commission which covers all of leicestershire with the intention of improving open spaces like Watermead. HS2 -rail Link they are reviewing what benefits they could bring to Leicestershire. From the Borough Cllr, he spoke about possible introduction of licencing for private sector landlords. Charnwood have commissioned a compay to do face to face research with residents, but they will have id and he advised that this is checked at the door if they call on you. Cllr K. Pacey spoke about the guidelines for licensing that is currently undergoing investigation. Two appeals had beenheard and one has been passed onto the magistrates court. Suspend standing orders for the cemetery item for a height restriction bar. After a long discussion, the Town Manager was asked to look into a temporary bar to allow time for the panel and committee to discuss a more permanent solution. Town managers report was tabled and she said it would appear in the Spotlight, see February issue. Promoting Cllrs in the Spotlight and own Syston Topic which will be out later in the Spring. She asked for permission to refer the Rules and Regulations for the New cemetery to Rich and Carr solicitor, this was agreed. There was need for more signs to help prevent rodents, referred to development committee.